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Friday, November 20, 2009

KICK-OFF: Involuntary Outpatient Commitment = Forced Drugging = Torture
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WE THE PEOPLE Kicks Off: "Involuntary Outpatient Treatment Equals Forced Drugging Equals Torture"
People who have experienced psychiatric atrocities, escaped the system, human rights activists and allies to hold two press conferences to kick off statewide campaign for Kendra's Law sunset

NEW YORK, NY (11/19/2009)(readMedia)-- WE THE PEOPLE, born out of the murder of Esmin Green, present two media information events that will kick-off statewide efforts to stop an extension of involuntary outpatient commitment legislation known as "Kendra's Law" which is to sunset June 2010.

Hundreds of millions of tax-payer dollars have been spent on Kendra's Law legislation, which was first enacted in 1999 after a young woman - Kendra Webdale - died when struck by a train after being pushed off a subway platform by Andrew Goldstein. The law allowed for people who were accused of "mental illness" but not considered a present danger to be court ordered to receive outpatient drug treatment. Andrew Goldstein was an individual who had been institutionalized and drugged. After he was released from lock-up he sought voluntary outpatient treatment. However, he was repeatedly turned away by "mental health" treatment providers. He received no compassion, - no support, - no services, - not even the medications he was accustomed to and was willing to take. He was refused help- and then pushed Kendra Webdale - and then got attention. He would not even have qualified or been subject to the law named after his victim. This law is just an attempt to draw attention away from the real problem, which is lack of real help and assistance from providers, and a knee-jerk response of social control and blaming the victim.

WE THE PEOPLE are survivors and escapees of the current treatment methods of organized psychiatry. WE THE PEOPLE maintain that too many people have been victimized by experimentation, drugging, and electro-convulsive "therapy". They continue to state national statistics that people who have been treated as "mentally ill" die an average of 25 to 30 years younger than their contemporaries.

WE THE PEOPLE view the "mental illness industry" as cruel, costly, powerful and profitable. As citizens of the United States we maintain that the human rights of ALL people must be protected and promoted. When the needs of people are met, force is not necessary. Forced drugging and unwanted "treatment" is torture. We will be heard.

We the People kick off Statewide campaign for non-renewal of Kendra's Law, which is to sunset, June 2010

Kick off of statewide campaign for non-renewal of Kendra's Law which is to sunset, June 2010

8 AM Press Conference

12:30 Action with Press Conference to immediately follow. Photo-op

WHEN:    Friday November 20, 2009 at 12:30PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
WHERE:    Columbia Law School
Jerome Greene Hall
435 W. 116th Street
New York, New York 10027
These are two events, a press conference at 8 AM and then an Action at 12:30 PM with a press conference to immediately follow.

Websites for viewing audience:


going live 11/20: www.noioc.org

3:56 am est 


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