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to Governor Cuomo using the comment box to the right as either an individual citizen, or an organizations support to a VETO on the extension of involuntary outpatient torture (Kendra's Law). 

Tell Assemblyman Felix Ortiz NO to Kendra's Law. YES to Alternatives.  

On Tuesday, April 27, 2010, WE THE PEOPLE and allies will be meeting with Assemblyman Felix Ortiz, Chair of the Mental Health Subcommittee to oppose  Involuntary Outpatient Torture being made permanent or being extended. "Kendra's Law" which exhibits structural and institutional racism and classism was suppose to sunset in June 2010 - and the new proposed law is even more social control than its previous version.

The proposed new law includes provisions such as increasing the original court order from 6 months to one year; not requiring doctor testimony, requiring fiscal management, allowing an expired order to be renewed 60 days after it expires without needing a new hearing, and viewing "non-compliance" with drugs, urine or blood tests, or drugs and alcohol use as grounds for "dangerousness". 

Hundreds of millions of tax-payer dollars have been spent on Kendra's Law legislation, which was first enacted in 1999 after a young woman - Kendra Webdale - died when struck by a train after being pushed off a subway platform by Andrew Goldstein. The law allowed for people who were accused of "mental illness" but not considered a present danger to be court ordered to receive outpatient drug treatment. Andrew Goldstein was an individual who had been institutionalized and drugged. After he was released from lock-up he sought voluntary outpatient treatment. However, he was repeatedly turned away by "mental health" treatment providers. He received no compassion, - no support, - no services, - not even the medications he was accustomed to and was willing to take. He was refused help- and then pushed Kendra Webdale - and then got attention. He would not even have qualified or been subject to the law named after his victim. This law is just an attempt to draw attention away from the real problem, which is lack of real help and assistance from providers, and a knee-jerk response of social control and blaming the victim.

WE THE PEOPLE are survivors and escapees of the current treatment methods of organized psychiatry. WE THE PEOPLE maintain that too many people have been victimized by experimentation, drugging, and electro-convulsive "therapy". They continue to state national statistics that people who have been treated as "mentally ill" die an average of 25 to 30 years younger than their contemporaries.

WE THE PEOPLE view the "mental illness industry" as cruel, costly, powerful, and profitable. As citizens of the United States we maintain that the human rights of ALL people must be protected and promoted. When the needs of people are met, force is not necessary. Forced drugging and unwanted "treatment" is torture. We will be heard.

ACTION:  Please sign on your support and offer comments on your opinion at www.NoIOC.org

All comments will be printed and presented to Assemblyman Ortiz on Tuesday, April 27, 2010.  

Please act now.  If Involuntary Outpatient Torture becomes permanent in New York, it will set a standard for the country and the world to follow.

Please Support us in New York State, today! 




We The People

In remembrance of Esmin Green who was murdered-by-neglect at the Kings County Hospital Center Psychiatric Emergency Room, June 19, 2008.

158 Jefferson Street, 1st  & 2nd Floors, Albany, NY 12210 (516) 319-4295



·       We do not want Outpatient Torture extended and we do not want it to be made permanent.


·      If extended, External Advocates to complement often ineffective public defenders must be available to all people being petitioned.


·      AOT does not have any different outcomes than voluntary intensive services according to the New York State Assisted Outpatient Treatment Program Evaluation of June 30, 2009 when in use for 6 months – see Executive Summary under findings.


·      AOT is disproportionately used in New York City. There is no reason to think residents of NYC are different than residents of the rest of New York State so the logical conclusion is it is only used more often in NYC thus depriving NYC residents of civil liberties because it is easier to use there, not because it makes more sense. NYC also uses less voluntary agreements than the rest of the state where voluntary agreements are usually tried first before court ordered AOT- also from the Findings Section of the Executive Summary.


·      AOT is disproportionately used on African Americans and Latinos. The executive summary says the reasons for this difference are ‘beyond its purview’ other than generalizing about African American’s socio-economic status and use of the public system with no data to back up these stereotypes. There is no escaping the fact that the use of AOT in NYC is racist in its effect.


·      AOT is not used much more often on people who are being discharged from the hospital than as a ‘preventative measure’ thus belying the original claims and intent of what was called “Kendra’s Law” after someone who was killed by someone seeking services that did not receive them and was not hospitalized. Thus, the entire rationalization for depriving citizens of New York State with psychiatric labels is false and based on fear mongering rather than on the reality of the implementation of this program.


·      AOT takes away the individual decision making power of citizens who have committed no crime about their choice to treat, not treat or how to treat what is considered by many to be a medical condition. There are many medical conditions that put people themselves and other citizens at risk but none of these lead to forced treatment thus AOT discriminates on the basis of perceived disability, a violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act. Examples are people with diabetes who do not treat their illness and are dangerous behind the wheel of a car as well as at risk for kidney failure, blindness and loss of limbs, people with epilepsy in danger of brain damage and also behind the wheel of a car, people with heart and blood pressure conditions, a risk to themselves and others (when driving) to the point of death by heart attack or stroke.


·      AOT takes one group of citizens and singles them out for lesser rights as American Citizens than any other group on the pretext of paternalistic beneficence. There is no escaping the fact that this is discrimination pure and simple based on ignorance and prejudice.


·      AOT costs much more money than voluntary treatment, no treatment or alternatives to traditional treatment and according to the Evaluation has led to lack of services for citizens who seek voluntary treatment in the public system. In what other field of “medicine” would the unwilling go to the front of the line and those seeking care go to the back? Motivated people are much more likely to benefit from services than those who do not seek nor want them. This is both economically and logically an absurd use of limited state resources.


·      AOT does not work to prevent violence or arrest. See Kisely S. Cambell LA, Preston N. Compulsory community and involuntary outpatient treatment for people with severe mental disorders. The Cochrane Database of Systematic Review 2005, Issue3 Art. No. CD004408 pub2 DOI: 10 1002/14651858 CD004408 pub2 This study found little beneficial effect. “In terms of numbers needed to treat, it would take 85 OPC orders to prevent one readmission, 27 to prevent one episode of homelessness and 238 to prevent one arrest.


·      AOT promotes prejudice, undermines confidence and sense of self determination, takes away civil rights from several groups historically victims of prejudice and discriminatory laws people called “mentally ill” by society and African Americans and Hispanics and others.


·      AOT is an ineffective use of New York State’s limited economic resources, is prejudicial and discriminatory in its use, does not do what it purports to do and performs no better than voluntary services. “Kendra’s Law” or AOT should be allowed to sunset in 2010.



In remembrance of Esmin Green
who was murdered-by-neglect at the Kings County Hospital CenterPsychiatric Emergency Room, June 19, 2008.
We resolve to work from a human rights platform to end involuntary psychiatric treatment and all other forms of abuse and torture in psychiatric systems.


We Are
A group of individuals who identify as having experienced psychiatric atrocities, people who have psychiatric histories, and our supporters.


To address existing harmful structures and dynamics of the public mental health system, including:

•    Situations in which people's socioeconomic struggles are mislabeled as "mental illnesses" and then are subjected to psychiatric diagnoses and treatments; 

•    Failures to provide non-psychiatric alternatives to traditional mental health and community services;

•    Violations of international human rights and civil rights; and

•    The lack of protection of the lives and dignity of people in emotional distress or crisis.


Actions will be collectively identified, researched, and considered through working groups and consensus.  Group members will provide testimonies and demand accountability.  Activism in the areas of advocacy, legislation, media, networking, human rights, and the abolition of forced psychiatric practices will be developed through group deliberation.


Press Release: November 20, 2010
News from We the People

For more information contact: Lauren Tenney, 516-319-4295

WE THE PEOPLE Kicks Off: "Involuntary Outpatient Treatment Equals Forced Drugging Equals Torture"
People who have experienced psychiatric atrocities, escaped the system, human rights activists and allies to hold two press conferences to kick off statewide campaign for Kendra's Law sunset

NEW YORK, NY (11/19/2009)(readMedia)-- WE THE PEOPLE, born out of the murder of Esmin Green, present two media information events that will kick-off statewide efforts to stop an extension of involuntary outpatient commitment legislation known as "Kendra's Law" which is to sunset June 2010.

Hundreds of millions of tax-payer dollars have been spent on Kendra's Law legislation, which was first enacted in 1999 after a young woman - Kendra Webdale - died when struck by a train after being pushed off a subway platform by Andrew Goldstein. The law allowed for people who were accused of "mental illness" but not considered a present danger to be court ordered to receive outpatient drug treatment. Andrew Goldstein was an individual who had been institutionalized and drugged. After he was released from lock-up he sought voluntary outpatient treatment. However, he was repeatedly turned away by "mental health" treatment providers. He received no compassion, - no support, - no services, - not even the medications he was accustomed to and was willing to take. He was refused help- and then pushed Kendra Webdale - and then got attention. He would not even have qualified or been subject to the law named after his victim. This law is just an attempt to draw attention away from the real problem, which is lack of real help and assistance from providers, and a knee-jerk response of social control and blaming the victim.

WE THE PEOPLE are survivors and escapees of the current treatment methods of organized psychiatry. WE THE PEOPLE maintain that too many people have been victimized by experimentation, drugging, and electro-convulsive "therapy". They continue to state national statistics that people who have been treated as "mentally ill" die an average of 25 to 30 years younger than their contemporaries.

WE THE PEOPLE view the "mental illness industry" as cruel, costly, powerful and profitable. As citizens of the United States we maintain that the human rights of ALL people must be protected and promoted. When the needs of people are met, force is not necessary. Forced drugging and unwanted "treatment" is torture. We will be heard.

We the People kick off Statewide campaign for non-renewal of Kendra's Law, which is to sunset, June 2010

Kick off of statewide campaign for non-renewal of Kendra's Law which is to sunset, June 2010

8 AM Press Conference

12:30 Action with Press Conference to immediately follow. Photo-op

WHEN:    Friday November 20, 2009 at 12:30PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
WHERE:    Columbia Law School
Jerome Greene Hall
435 W. 116th Street
New York, New York 10027
These are two events, a press conference at 8 AM and then an Action at 12:30 PM with a press conference to immediately follow.

Websites for viewing audience:


going live 11/20: www.noioc.org


Tell Governor Cuomo NO to Kendra's Law. YES to Alternatives. 

Please use the text box below to express your opinion in a Memorandum of Opposition to


to Governor Paterson

Your text will be uploaded to this page and delivered to his office. 


Tell Governor Paterson not to spend $32 Million on the Extension of Kendra's Law: Involuntary Outpatient Torture that is rich with human rights violations and classist and racist practices. 

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Individual and Organizational Endorsers





 Eva Dech

Amy Colesante

Lauren Tenney

Kathryn Cascio

Forced Treatment=Torture.
Human Rights for all. Stop  giving into political knee jerk responses that only promote more misinformation and discrimmination!


Marian Merlino

It's more than time to ask people caught up in the psychiatric industry, what would they like to see as alternatives.  I was handcuffed and taken away in a police car myself.  I don't remember this experience as being therapeutic!

Eric O. Jackson

NO to Kendra's Law. YES to Alternatives. Funding needs to be allocated to implement the alternative solutions proposed by this group of great New Yorkers and great Americans. Alternative solutions need an opportunity to work better than what has evidently not worked in the past. It is the humane thing to do.

 Gerald L. Bliss, D.D.

I am President of Asheville homeless Network.  The homeless are routinely diagnosed as "mentally ill", when often getting them housing and supports solve all their problems.  This law would add further problems and additional stigmas to their lives, not reduce them.

 Scarlet Bonne

NO permanence and NO extension to Kendra's Law. It's a violation of human rights.
I was inpatient 26 times and supposedly "bipolar". Without the psych drugs, I have never again been hospitalized, and it's clear that the "bipolar" was iatrogenic.
If I had not escaped the psychiatric system, I'm certain I would be dead by now from the effects of the psychiatric drugs and the mistreatment in hospitals.
Instead, I have regained my life and my health. That ONLY happened because I had the choice to say no and the resources to choose alternative care.
Choice. Not force. 

Isaac S. Brown

Please stop forced treatment of people .people should have  the choice of how  they can live their lives .being labeled with some mental health label should not infringe on a personal life. please stop this outrageous so called law

Jon Forster

Assemblyman Ortiz, please vote No to extend Kendras Law. Forced drugging is a violation of the right to self- determination and the right to equal protection under the law, i.e. "informed consent", before recieving drugs.What's more, most of these drugs are nothing but a chemical lobotomy, and dont help to make a person more independent and productive, but make them more dependent.
  The drug companies and the mental health system are the only benficiaries, while a whole class of people are slowly exterminated.
  Vote No to Kendras Law and Yes to providing voluntary services, alternative therapies and counceling, housing, and vocational training.


Laura Ziegler

The discriminatory and violative "Kendra's Law" should be abolished, not institutionalized.
Despite OMH spin, its primary accomplishment has been to add coercion to an already highly coercive service system -- to the detriment of quality of care and quality of life of the affected individuals. The people I've known who were subject to outpatient commitment experienced it as having a highly negative impact on their lives.
Nor did it prevent harm or hospitalizations. And one of these individuals died from adverse drug effects.


Darby Penney

Involuntary outpatient commitment is a both an ineffective waste of taxpayer dollars and a violation of the human rights of people who are forcibly given dangerous drugs whose efficacy is questionable.  There are safer, more humane and more effective ways to assist people who experience extreme emotional distress. People of color are being subjected to these interventions at a higher rate than whites. Most people in the public mental health system are trauma survivors and forced outpatient treatment just reinforces the effects of trauma. New York can and should do better! We can set an example for the rest of the nation by stepping back from this barbaric intervention. 

Tina Bonneau

End Kendra's Law now. People need choice in recovery, not force and coercion. Psychiatry is being used as a tool for social control and oppression. Tax dollars are being spent to violate human rights. Use those dollars to provide alternatives, choices and much needed social resources. If those resources had been in place, Kendra Webdale would probably be alive today. Andrew Goldstein ASKED for psychiatric treatment, but was turned away.

Stop violating human rights, and stop letting interest groups capitalize on tragedies that could have been PREVENTED by the choice to access treatment. Andrew Goldstein wasn't given that choice. Keep marginalizing people, and they get desperate. Remove freedom, and you remove any chance of recovery.

Rick S. Hill

Mr. Ortiz,  please say NO to the extension  of kendra's law.
It has lead to countless incidence of abuse and torture of individuals in distress. Please support more humane alternatives.

Aaron Bellve

It's detrimental to our society to use fear resulting from isolated incidents to control people who have committed no crime. To strip away people's rights on the basis that they might potentially be future violent criminals is a step down a very dangerous path. It's abusive in its very nature.


Jeffery Perry

I believe that AOT has little basis in the facts and is misused and abused to replace other low-funded needs in mental health. More money should be put toward real services, like peer supports and sel-advocacy, to balance between clinic treatments and person centered treatment. AOT is just an imposter for more outside control of mental health services.


Carol Hayes Collier

 I strongly object to the continuation of involuntary outpatient commitment.  We have so many more respectful ways of connecting with people who are seeking assistance that this form of imtimidation and non recovery oriented legislation will continue to set us back to models of incarceration and force rather than hope and recognizing people's gifts.  


Don Weitz

I totally support WE THE PEOPLE'S press conferences and protests to abolish involuntary outpatient commitment (IOC) and forced treatment in New York. IOCs and all other forced psychiatric procedures are harmful, inhumane and serious violations of our human rights and must be challenged and stopped now - by any means possible!
Don Weitz
antipsychiatry activist


 Heiwa Salovitz


Shauna Reynolds

I believe that Kendra's Law Should Not be permanent, & there should be No Extension. I also believe that "forced mental health treatment" is extremely harmful to people with psychiatric histories, & that "alternative methods" should definitely be explored and utilized.

Ronald Bassman, PhD

I am a person who was diagnosed with schizophrenia and was confined in mental hospitals - private and state - twice for more than a year.  Because there was no forced treatment like Kendra's Law at that time (the 1960's), I was able to recover in the way that was best for me. Given that opportunity, I went to school, earned my Ph.D and have been a licensed psychologist for more than 3 decades.  By the way I do not take any psychiatric drugs nor do I participate in any kind of therapy.  Please reject Kendra's law, a law that will deprive people like me the opportunity to recover and lead a full life. Ron Bassman, author of the book "A Fight to Be: A Psychologist's Experience From Both Sides of the Lock Door." 


Deb Damone

There are better ways to methods to help peers that a symptomatic! People need to be empowered not hovered over or cuddled. They need to know their worth which does not come from AOT or any other forced cohersion. Let's use our resoureces, our best being theose who the system wants to put on AIT!


 Betty-Jane Antanavicius

I wholeheartedly endorse your efforts to end IOT, having been through the "system" myself, and now find myself with various
"hobbies". I feel that my potential as a human being has been totally stripped by the ( mostly} male medical model. We definitely need alternatives, in New York and
in North America in general. A note from Guelph, Ontario, home of Homewood Centre, our drug-pushing center. All for profits, no doubt, and certainly not for human(e)


 Frank Blankenship

Psychiatric drugs harm people. Psychiatric treatment today is all too ofter a matter of dispensing psychiatric drugs. Nobody should be forced to take these powerful and harmful psychiatric drugs against his or her will. Forced drugging is wrong regardless of whether the court has ordered it, or some mental health professional promotes it. End Kendra's Law. Support humane and safe alternatives in mental health.

 Lauren Spiro

stop the inhuman torture of people who need understanding, compassion, patience and our intelligent minds thinking about how to assist them rather than supress their humanity 


Jody Szczech


Fred Arthur Tenzer

Stop arbitrarily determining what constitutes a "mental illness" (whatever that means). Kendra's Law does not address peoples' real issues and therefore must be abolished.


 Aprille J. Rhomer

I have been tortured in the psychprison known as St, Joseph's in Toronto, Ontario several times.
I was homeless for 15 years and during those times any time I cried or told people to fuck off and leave me alone the police were called and I would be kidnapped, chianed to the bed and beaten by orderlies while "doctors" smirked and giggled and mocked me and name-called me. I all-ways believed I was going to be murdered in there and I have no evidence to believe that they wouldn't.
I unfortunately cannot attend but feel free to use my story.


Elizabeth Derickson


Theoretically, laws are enacted for protection of individuals and societies.  They are not intended to infringe on the individual rights and freedoms of those who do not challenge their standards. The Baker Act of Florida legislative intent was designed to allow for involuntarily admission of individuals into psychiatric facilities who exhibit symptoms of mental illness, adjudicating them mentally incompetent, incapacitated or potentially posing a threat of neglect or harm to themselves or that of others (need not be imminent). 

From the professional perspective and experiences of this therapist along with supporting clinical evidence, the abuse of the Baker Act Law is persistent and pervasive. While Baker Act cases can be initiated by licenced mental health professionals, law enforcement officials and judges, the vast majority are handled by the police (Treatment Advocacy Center, 2003).  The Baker Act of Florida streamlines the process of involuntary commitments.  The Baker Act is not only widely open to abuse but is being abused daily.  The Baker Act does not require a judge to sign a commit order.  A spouse, relative, or domestic partner may call a doctor or law enforcement officer and have an individual committed based on their personal testimony.  A doctor who has never seen the individual as a patient may order a commitment based on the testimony of another person.  Police officers are empowered with the authority to involuntarily commit individuals to psychiatric facilities solely based on th!
eir untrained psychological assessments and unprofessional opinions.  Once in the psychiatric facility, patients are often coerced into signing in voluntarily as they are aware of the Baker Act law and recourse of involuntary commitment. 

Does this seem archaic or constitutionally sound?

Elizabeth Derickson


Daily Dupre', Jr.

In Louisiana, there was the same 'knee-jerk' reaction to the murder of a New Orleans police officer, Nicola Cotton by a person with mental health problems. The incident occured following the lack of mental health services following Hurricane Katrina.

Meaningful Minds of Louisiana advocated not to pass the Nicola Law (involuntary in-patient treatment) in the state legislature, at mental health advocacy events and by petition to prevent enactment of this archaic legislation. However, there was overwhelming support of the state legislators and the bill was made into law.

What is needed is peer specialists and WRAP facilitators to ensure true recovery. Although, these individuals are currently trained, they are not being paid sufficiently, nor give enough hours to make a significant difference.

I have been a national & state mental health advocate for over 30 years and our govenment officials in Louisiana do not get IT! They pay lip service to recovery and do not understand or unwilling to understand the significance that involuntary treatment whether for in-patient or outpatient treatment demands human rights and abolishing of forced psychiatric practices is not a workahle solution.

I have been involuntarily committed on four occasions and I can say that the trauma of being treated at state hospitals far from home, the devastation and trauma that result are horrific to the individuals and their fmailies.

Stop Involuntary forced psychiatic treatment for all throughout the USA and internationally!

Daily Dupre', Jr.


Ryan Jetttie Launcelot Sparks

please stop psychiatric tortue by not supporting a bill that would make psychiatric torture permanent in the form of permanent out-patient forced psychiatric medication.
i will let the professionals speak about the horrors of the toxicity of forced medication. please consult the works and court cases of Dr. Peter Breggin. he is psychiatrist who has written about the toxicities of psychiatric medication. he has also testified successfully in many court cases. also, please read Dr. Grace E. Jackson's books on the dangers of the toxicities of psychiatric medication. she is a psychiatrist who is working hard to get the message out of the toxicities of psychiatric medication.
also, understand that giving a person psychiartric medication will make their healing impossible and lead to their early death from its toxicities. this is a violation of their person and certainly against the Constitution which guaratees due process of law.
making forced psychiatric medication permanent would be a tremendous mistake in your political career. there are many people working to stop this form of psychiatric torture and we will not stop until people are free from it and are able to choose their own method of healing. toxic psychiatry causes more harm than good.
Ryan Sparks


Jessica Arenella

Psychiatric patients should not be deprived of basic civil rights! No other class of patients is forced to undergo a particular form of treatment against their will -- even if it results in imminent death!


Rabea Chaudhary

If you want people to act less crazy, make it easier for them to access help in a way they feel helpful. As we have seen from decades of experience, forced treatment has a very low success rate.  Modern psychotherapies depend on the development of a trusting relationship between provider and client. This kind of relationship is much more difficult to achieve with someone forced to be there against his/her will.
It may be politically easy to vote for forced treatment but what you really need to do is improve access.
-A therapist in California 


Diana Gonzalez

Please don't make invountary drugging mandatory.  This would only make recovery harder and longer to reach.  Medication is not a solution, stop aiding Big Pharma at the expense of people going trhrough a crisis or weak.


Bonnie Uffman, PhD


 Lawrence Wetzler, Ph.D.

Are you "lawmakers" aware of how incredibly destructive involuntary "treatment" can be?


 Lennard J. Davis

I'm against forced drugging of people with psychiatric disorders.


Azle Hill Beckner

Personal freedom is the main point of the Constitution. We cannot abandon the Bill of Rights and remain a democratice country. 



Leah Harris

Force is force is force, whether in someone's home or in an institutional setting. Forced psychiatric "treatment" is torture and it needs to stop. Our bodies, our minds, our spirits, our choices, our lives. We the people decide!! 


Felice Debra Eliscu




Tracy Alexis, PhD


"Mental Illness" is a a myth.  There is NO such thing as mental illness!  There is NO etiology for the alleged diagnosis of mental illness.  Unlike diabetes where one can locate elevated blood sugar levels as the 'cause' for the diagnosis of diabetes, there is no place in the brain that can be definitively stated as the 'cause' for mental illness.  MI is a label of unwanted or misunderstood behaviors, most of which come from years of childhood trauma.  In order to provide effective 'treatment,' we need to reinstate talk therapy and do away with psychotropic medications (which have ALL - every last one of them - been linked to toxic, and fatal, side effects)!  


Sonia Weaver

Dear Assemblyman Ortiz,

I am writing to you to call for No Permanence and No Extension of Kendra's Law: Involuntary Outpatient Torture. As a person with a psychiatric history I know first hand the importance of the right to refuse treatment as a cornerstone of a free society. Sadly, it seems that the financial interests of the pharmaceutical companies and the psychiatric industry are making treatment decisions instead of the people themselves. Please join the movement for choice and human rights in the mental health system by opposing involuntary outpatient torture.


Duane Sherry, M.S., CRC-R

Forced psychiatric drugging is inhumane and needs to stop.

There are many forms of integrative medicine and other therapies that work much better... Safer and more effective -
Duane Sherry, M.S., CRC-R


Bill Simpson

Assemblyman Ortiz,
Please stop this torture and do not let any futher laws be enacted on the innocent people of New York on for psychiatric drugging. We have issues already around the world with people hearing voices and hallucinations from technology used in the psychiatric community. The entire psyciatric industry should be investigated.
Thank you for your time. 


Alice Lillie

We WILL BE heard! Rights come from God and are inalienable. This truth is expressed in the Declaration Of Independence. What it means is that rights accrue to the individual, do not come from government, and cannot be taken away by government. One of these rights is sovereignity over one's body. This means individuals can decide what will and what *will not* go into their body. I support all resistance to involuntary drugging.


Gerhard Bedding

Nobody should be forced to take powerful and often harmful psychiatric drugs.  End Kendra's Law and support  safe alternatives in mental health.


 Patricia Bauerle

 Froced psychiatric drugging is morally wrong and damages the brains of individuals. Everyone concerned should read the following:

Peter Breggin's book entitled Toxic Psychiatry;

a book entitled Alternatives Beyond Psychiatry;

Robert Whitaker's books: 1) Mad In America: Bad Science, Bad Medicine and the Enduring Mistreatment of the Mentally Ill, and 2) Anatomy of an Epidemic.


David W. Oaks

As a survivor of forced psychiatric drug injections back in the 1970's when I was a teenager, it saddens me that Americans living out in the community, in their own home, can be subject to powerful psychiatric drugs that can even cause brain damage. Certainly, if someone chooses to take prescribed psychiatric drugs that's their choice. But to force people is an atrocity. Please recognize the immense human rights violation involved with coercion in mental health. Please investigate the scandal of taxpayer funding for these psychiatric drugs, such as the "atypical  antipsychotics," which are so expensive, but now shown to be so harmful. Please investigate brain damage caused by these drugs.


David W. Oaks, Director, MindFreedom International


Nancy Pontius

We want choices! Meds are killing some of us. The hospitals are abusive!


Shaindl Diamond




Most people labelled with a mental illness are actually misdiagnosed.  Many
mental illnesses don't even exist at all.  And, as for the ones that do exist,
there are harmless alternatives for them.  Opinions also vary by psychiatrists
and people altogether.  i.e., when Mr. Ortiz makes a person's individual
idenitity his problem--most people don't see a person's individual identity as a
problem, *but* we do find Mr. Ortiz's individual identity to be a problem. 
Perhaps Mr. Ortiz needs some treatment for his problem.  Mr. ortiz, we the
people feel you have a major problem, and we want to make you aware of this
problem since you may not be aware that you have a problem . . . because most
people like you, just aren't aware of their problem.  Mr. Ortiz, would you mind
being trapped at the State Hospital and subjected to rape, assault, and being
forcibly drugged with toxins that permanently damage your brain and body(toxins
which will be banned one day)?  I'm sure you'll love the c!
 ompany of child abuse victims and sex abuse victims . . . they'll be oh so
happy to tell you about how someone molested or raped them or how someone abused
them and how the abusers or rapists were then able to take advantage of the laws
and the mental health system to make them look mentally ill and were successful
at having much of their memory erased with brain damaging drugs and
electroshock!  Mr. Ortiz, do you think you don't have a problem and that you're
"untouchable"?  Mr. Ortiz, you may just find yourself in a state hospital . . .
oh, don't worry, you may just forget how to spell your name and you may have
involuntary bowel movements--but drug manufacturers will give you a small
settlement so you will be able to buy Depends!    


Reba McDowall

People with mental health issues have a right to choose which
treatment they receive. Forced medication and electroshock therapy is criminal.


Krista Erickson

Please allow Kendra's Law to sunset/expire in June of 2010. A law with
proven racial disparities in its effects and that inherently deprives people of
the most basic civil and human rights should not be extended much less extended!
Forced treatment is not helpful or effective. Force can not replace a lack of
humane, cost-effective and successful alternatives to the current mental health
system. Thank you.


 Jennifer F

Felix Ortiz, you have two choices... which is two more than the
victims of Kenra's Law have.
You can either put an end to the crimes against humanity committed daily against
those labeled mentally ill under the auspices of this immoral law....
Or you can have blood on your hands.
Simple as that.
Forced drugging is a crime against humanity. How in good conscience can you
forcibly alter a brain no physician has ever physically examined and proved
These drugs are not 'medication', they are tranquilizers... pure and simple.
These laws seek to tranquilize people like animals.
Human rights for every human.

Maureen Harkness

Its false economy to drug people as it disables them and leads to
longerterm health problems. Support which allows people to come to terms with
grief and trauma would not only be more humane and compassionate and respectful
but also more 'cost effective' and 'safe' to society.


Kieran Gerard 


Fransis Hawley

Having expienced ice water  therapy, electroshock and an averted
lobotomy I strongly oppose forced treatment


Inez Kochius

Please say 'No' to 'Kendra's Law'.  If anybody is truly concerned
about mental health, one would not resort to force. 
My friend was repeatedly arrested and thrown into psychwards.  Hardly
therapeutic or healing treatments!  Last time someone called the police on him,
his last act of defiance was to go into freezing water of the Connecticut River
and consequently drowned.  In memory of my friend I urge you to do everything
possible to say 'No' to Kendra's Law.  Psychiatry does more harm than good to
the people 'treated'.

Inez Kochius
Cambridge, Ontario

Delores M. Jankovich


I have a loved one who has received forced treatment and has been
damaged by it.  He is just now beginning to try to pull out of the terrible
situation he has been in. Forced treatment of any kind is torture and results in
the person losing autonomy, economic stability, and severe adverse effects on
mind and body, often leading to permanent injury and sometimes loss of life.


Amy Smith Voxfuror

The cartel of Big Pharma, the APA & the psychiatric industry, the FDA
and many national advocacy groups has lied to us long enough.  The evidence
shows medications are at best the same as placebo, and have terrible,
life-threatening, soul-shattering adverse effects.  The claims of chemical
imbalances or the chronicity of serious mental illnesses are myths.  The
so-called chronicity is caused by the MEDS!  Any law that puts me or my brothers
& sisters at risk of being exposed to these poisons is unconstitional.  We now
have the science to back us up and clear & compelling evidence of the collusion
of these fiscally driven organizations to lie to us.  This legislation would
provide fertile ground for some well-considered gigantic lawsuits, looks like to


 Ellen Strathy


Jana Kaplan

Forced "therapeutic" interventions are NOT therapeutic!!! 


Charlene Guldbrandsen

How is it that sought after mental health care can be denied and yet you seek a law to force intitutionalzation or worse on "people" without consent. What we need is a mental health care that works for the people.


The Empowerment Center

The Empowerment Center unequivocally denounces the use of government intervention that forces pseudo medical "practices" on a targeted group of defenseless people.  Where the very treatment reduces the longevity of those people subjected to these practices by 25 years.
IOC is truly a rationing of justice.  It impedes upon the liberty of an unguarded group of people for the sole benefit of a supercilious cluster of self righteous ineffective "professionals."
Its about engagement Stupid.
I was a member of Dr. Sharon Carpinello's "AOT" committee.
The evidence showed the engagement of people correlated with self improvement. Regardless if the person had been taken to court! There is no need for the courts to be involved if the mental health agency is doing their job.  With this law the unintended role of the courts is more about monitoring of the mental health provider assuring the court ordered agreement is carried out by the provider.  Although providers have the power to make up and use the worn torn excuse that they just couldnt engage the person because the person was just too hard to approach.  For these people I suggest a new line of employment.  All of this is executed at the expense of personal liberty.
This law is inconsistently applied from county to county.  Westchester County's rate of court rulings favoring IOC is around 16% of the people investigated for IOC and across the river in Rockland County 76% of the people investigated are court ordered.  That is an egregious practice of inconsistent ill-conceived law enforcement.
The discrimination and inequity of minorities, is evidenced by a disproportionate percentage of African American males make up 44% of the people court ordered to IOC.
It is true $35,000,000 was added to the mental health budget.  But the people receiving services didnt see any of that money.  The budget seems to grow and more money is thrown at conceived fear mongered problems, but the benefits arent found in the patients served.  Its actualized by the small group of people who administer the ineffective treatment. 
It seems to me that each year for the past 35 years we have been bombarded with a plethora of glorified new medications, tested with new psychological modus operandi and offered a continuation of old effective techniques.  With all of this progress one would think we would see a reduction in the use of mental health services, because people are getting better.  Not true, the roster for people receiving treatment in the adult and children populations keeps growing expeditiously.  We are not curing mental illness we are securing an underclass of people who are preyed upon by an educated ineffective professional class who change their appearance each year to disguise the perpetuation of the same old thing. Now this group wants the government to permanently secure this to be so.  Is not the very definition of insanity, doing something over and over again and expecting different results?  The only way mental health treatment will work is if the server effectively opens their hear!
ts and connects on a human level with the people they serve.  Until this is a realized and practiced norm, we as a people can expect continued growth in the field of mental illness and its new treatments.  Although, I learned in my at John Jay College that as professionals our very purpose is to restore mental health and reduce peoples pain and suffering. 
It is time to stop this societal atrocity and stop the rationing of justice, end IOC.

Jim Rye
Executive Director,
The Empowerment Center


 Harry Bentivegna Lichtenstein

I am against extending New York State's Kendra's Law after it terminates in June, 2010.

Kendra's Law is a law that legalizes involuntary outpatient treatment for people designated by psychiatrists and psychologists as being "dangerous".
I will now discuss why I am opposed to Kendra's Law in depth.  First, I strongly support the freedom to make our own health choices, as an inalienable right, in regards to life style, diet,dietary supplements, health care providers, treatment or non treatment, and to decide if you want external help for anything that is health related.  Most people would not choose the harmful drugs with serious side effects that sometimes include the very behaviors the drugs are supposed to be treating (e.g., side effects like making people more prone to be violent or suicidal). Full disclosure of all side effects of psychotropic drugs and all medication should be required by law.
I understand that people are concerned about being hurt by other people.  However, I know that it is impossible to know who will hurt other people and who will not do so.  Search the scientific literature if you don't believe me; you will not be able to find any valid way of doing this.  Furthermore, I believe that this is so because of our free will.  Secondly, I strongly support the right of all American citizens to be assumed innocent until proven guilty. If a law makes it legal to label people as being "dangerous" and then "treating" them against their will, including incarceration in hospital wards; then that is tantamount to convicting people of crimes that they are supposedly going to commit and punishing them.   Connect the dots in my discourse above and you'll understand my conclusion that people cannot be proven guilty of a crime that they haven't committed.  Only after someone commits a crime is it possible to prove them guilty, because no one is guilty of a crime!
 unless they commit one.
Kendra's law circumvents the constitutional rights of a sub population of American citizens who have never committed a crime, but are treated as if they are convicted  dangerous criminals.
I conclude that Kendra's Law is unconstitutional.  However,  to avoid the costly and burdensome process of taking it to the Supreme
Court of the United States, I strongly support simply not extending Kendra's Law.  Let Kendra's Law terminate in June, 2010!


Lynne Jones

Forced outpatient treatment with toxic drugs is a violation of one's basic human rights.  


Louis Kayser

Forced drugging can be very profitable for some entities and not excluding our lousy government.


Jeanne Coughlin


Abdul Maalik Makana

Forced treatment of people is a violation of human rights... It violates international acceptable norms and is not inline with the object and purpose of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities... Which the USA has signed as a state party.

Hon.Ortiz, put a stop to crimes against humanity in the mental system in NYS.

In support and solidarity,

Onwards and upwards,

Abdul Maalik Makana
Executive Director,
MindFreedom Kenya


Rebecca Edens

Hear Our Voice, talk to PEOPLE who receive services and who have managed to Recover in spite of the system.
We are not DATA we are PEOPLE.  Coercion is not informed Choice. Involuntary, Forced Treatment does not work and is in fact HARMFULL.  

Rebecca Edens


Marty Felker

This violation of civil rights has gone on too long.  Next step as in Ariz - lock 'em up if they look m.i


Angela M. Cerio

Before you consider the permenent legalization of inflicting court ordered ingestion/injections of mind numbing poisons in the guise of clinical "intervention", please read Robert Whitaker's new book, "Anatomy of an Epidemic"  There ARE alternatives to psychiatric incarceration and forced drugging!!!

 Rev. Elijah Peters

I am in full agreeement with ms. Sabrina Johnson that people stop forced mental health treatment.


 Louis & Jane Frydman

Please stop involuntary outpatient treatment.  It's a crime against civilization.
Let's stop it - pure and simple!!


Terry Simpson

Force destroys trust and harms mental health. It causes more problems for people who already have enough!


Amy Nolde

I am a consumer in South Carolina. I am doing extremely. Have a job, car, and nice apartment. I am against involuntary outpatient committment! 


Gail Warner

So many people are given   drug cocktails in hospitals only to go through difficult withdrawals being weaned ,off most, at their release. since they function so well without the cocktails this should tell the pych business they don't need the drugs at all.


David F. Wooledge


Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Pensylvania




Katy Crawford

Ever been physically sick or injured? Not able to function like the rest of the population? In your vulnerable state think as if you were wronged with involuntary torture & injustice, and it was proven? Would your friends & family stand up for you? Or would they say that there was not enough clear reason to confront your care-takers on your abuse. And there you sit, in fear and pain, without control,awaiting more of the same. Remember this man is YOU, NOT AN EMPTY FACE.


Patti Beauchemin

This must be stopped!!!


Meghan Caughe

We the People and believe that your work is essential!
We need compassion and the tools for self-determnation and community integration,not forced treaments!
Thank you for your work and know that in Oregon you have many persons who are with you!
Meghan Caughey


Debbie Elwell

Treat people has WHOLE people, i work with people voluntary in and outside the so called Mental Health system and it should be called the Mental WEALTH system because that is what it is really about!!!!


Graeme Bacque

This kind of invasion into the lives of innocent people cannot be justified. Stop IOC NOW!!!


Donna Greene

I have personally seen the abuses done in NYS in relation to the way that the Mentally Ill are treated. I've seen a court of law commit my son to a year of involuntary confinement in a state hospital by using lies. I even had another hospital records proving that they were lies, but I wasn't allowed to use them in court. They also commited him due to the medications: anti-depressants they were giving him, that were causing suicidal idealation and aggression. Of course they blames his illiness but we now all know that since that time the FDA has passed warnings against anti-depressants for young teenagers. How can you pass a law allowing Involuntary Outpatient Medication when we can't trust the Psychiatry or Mental Health Hygiene Law in NYS. Mental Health can be managed with correct care, something that is not happening in NYS. They system needs changing not more laws.


Robert M Schlenger


Nadine Stolle

Without the use or threat of force, fascism could not exist.  Machiavelli, Mussolini, Hitler knew this.  All dictators, would-be dictators, and bullies know this basic fact.  And this is the case with psychiatry.  Without the use and threat of force, institutional psychiatry would die.  Lots of psychiatrists would be out of a job.  I wish that would happen! Psychiatry gets its authority and power to force, torture, involuntarily commit, and treat individuals against their will from the state. In institutional psychiatry in fascist states, forced treatment is the rule, not the exception.  There is now irrefutable, documentary evidence that it was the German psychiatrists, particularly prominent professors of psychiatry, and psychiatry department heads, who were chiefly responsible for initiating and administering the infamous T4 program, which involved the mass murder of over 200,000 mental patients and thousands of sick and disabled children and adults during the holocaust.  The term euthanasia and mercy death to describe this murderous program is a cruel euphemism.



Don't even consider expanding Kendra's Law. On the contrary; it needs to be severely curtailed or ended. Forcefully drugging people goes totally against what America stands for, or is supposed to stand for - plus it is ultimately dangerous for others as well. Instead, assure that people facing any mental crisis have the physical, social, mental, emotional, and other support that they need.
If you have not already, please read Peter Breggin's book, Medication Madness.
Thank you.


Sherri Zimmerman

I am a survivor of the barbaric mental health care system in Florida and say NO to Kendra's Law and Yes to alternatives in the mental health systems within the state of New York.
Sherri Zimmerman/author of Success After Insanity


Colleen Sondrini-Cooper

Dear Assemblyman Ortiz,
Kendra's Law violates human rights for people living with a mental health condition. Please Sir vote No.


Yvonne Kravitz

Please do NOT drug people without their consent. Kenda's Law was bad enough, the proposed new law would be worse.


Cynthia Fisher


This is just another way for the drug company's to legally torture and abuse people who need community, compassion, and care! Say NO to DRUGS! Do NOT extend the Kendra Law!



Dennis R Bridenstine

Forcing vulnerable people to do that in which they do not want to do is wrong!!!  This should already be known on all peoples hearts.


Stephen Z Melanson

Forced Treatment is Wrong


Andrea Schmook

I'm appalled that New York State is considering to make out patient commitment permanent with Kendra's Law legislation.  If Andrew Goldstein had received treatment he was voluntarily seeking, there wouldn't be a Kendra's law today.  Rather than using money to forcibly treat people, why not put that money into treatment and peer support services that help people recovery their lives and recover their mental health through services.  I do not support this legislation and ask that you do not pass it.


Marilyn Gill


As the mother of a son who has been treated by the psychiatric system which then led to the forensic psychiatric system, I am in complete agreement with WE THE PEOPLE and their agenda to have less mental health intervention - the kind that we all know too well and which does not work, at best. 
We need fewer laws, less Big- Pharma/Business-biased media coverage and just less overall government interference into the lives of citizens minding their own business in their homes. 
How dare the government treat its people this way.  Backed by those whose agenda is avarice and greed with no regard for their fellow man; we have legislators willing to do the bidding of those who will line their pockets.  This MUST STOP!  WE THE PEOPLE demand a better solution because WE THE PEOPLE pay our taxes and therefore the salaries of those


George Badillo


There's been no difference in outcomes since this law was enacted. This treatment violates people rights and has been used as a coercive tactic. People are put in I.O.C. because of lack of housing and are in need of case management service. Even people who voluntary wants to take medication are asked to voluntary join the I.O.C. treatment. This money could be put into better use in office. 


Angela Smith


I feel it is an important aspect of our freedom and right to privacy to limit state control or power over individual health, including mental health, choices.  I think there should be no law imposing any kind of treatment on an individual who does not wish for that treatment. There are so many problems and such lack of oversight when it comes to pharmaceutical drug abuses and misdiagnosis in regards to mental health, that it is wholly irresponsible, cruel, and violative of civil and human rights to pass any law requiring the treatment of individuals and citizens in this manner. 


Jerry Costley

Loose commitment laws, without adequate, humane, community based voluntary treatment and tightly regulated safeguards is a gross violation of human rights. 



 Bittin Foster Duggan

Please    STOP Expansion of Forced Outpatient Psychiatric Drugging. 


 Virginia Hetcher


I have seen first hand what New York State has already done to his Mentally Ill, and continues to do, this law is terrible.  After having a mother in a mental hospital in NYS I can tell you what real torture is and that is forced drugs, when not even necessary, I have also worked on psychiatric floors.  We need to stop forced drugs and ECT treatments.  This is a law that needs to be stopped.  Thank you


Annie Robinson


The Icarus Project





 Giovanna Pompele



Christopher Heimarck

No one should be forcibly drugged.  It is a violation of human rights.


Laura Borst


Involuntary outpatient commitment is repressive and dehumanizing. There have been racial and class disparities in its implementation. In fact, a well-known lawyer from the New York area named John Gresham has stated that blacks are likelier to be labeled as being "mentally ill" and coerced into outpatient "treatment" programs. Forced psychiatric drugging often causes, if not exacerbates, many health problems, such as diabetes. Psychiatric drugs often have disabling and debilitating effects, which are permanent in many cases. The same is even more true for electroshock. I find it really bad that a doctor's testimony would not be required under the new outpatient commitment law. Psychiatric diagnoses have often been made on subjective bases, and this accounts for a lot of the racial,class,and gender disparity that has occured in psychiatric labeling. One psychiatrist, Thomas Szasz, has stated that he believes "mental illness" to be a social construct that has often been used to repress political dissidents and other non-conformists.

 Carole Ford


Incarceration in a person's own community IS NOT THE ANSWER. An array of voluntary services are.
ONE choice is NO choice in MH care. 

Ron Unger LCSW

It is now well proven that antipsychotic medications cause a wide variety of health problems which then contribute to early mortality rates in those who take them.  While some people might reasonably choose to take them anyway, and limited forced used might be justified in extreme situations, the routine forcing of people who are not an active threat to take medications against their will should be illegal, not an activity sponsored by the state!

The state has no right to attempt to prevent hypothetical future harm to some people by forcing drugs on others which are likely to cause harm, and to be experienced as overwhelmingly intrusive.  The dollars spent on this might better be spent on reinforcing the voluntary mental health system - keeping in mind that had the voluntary system have been stronger, Kendra would likely not have died. 


Sandra Robison

I am not in favor of this law. You can not treat the seriously mentally ill with less caring than your pets. Please vote against maintaining this horrible law.


Laureen Jackson

No Permanence and no extension of Kendra's Law: Involuntary Outpatient Torture


Harold Mandel, MD

Forced psychiatric intervention is always a form of torture which I will never support!


Kelly Carbello

Many people suffered horrific abuses for years before rights were "granted" to the mentally ill. Please consider the alternatives and restore the dignity that was lost with the passing of Kendra's Law.


Joseph Cartin


Dana Carl

The "Recovery Philosophy" enables people receiving services for mental health to make their own choices. This forced mental health treatment is inhumane. Everyone has a right of choice in their life. By forcing treatment, you are pushing recovery back. I totally disagree with that. The "Recovery Philosophy" has allowed me to take control of my own life and I still take psychiatric drugs willingly. But I have the choice on what I do or not do. Noone should be forced to things against their own will.


Genell Baun


Martin Johnson

Please end these draconian laws. They are violent, discriminatory and deprive people of their basic rights as human beings. This is the free western democratic world. Restore the basic dignity and rights to people in emotional crisis and those alleged to have 'mental illness'.


Denise Maratos


As a citizen of the U.S., I am ashamed and embarassed that all people do not have the same rights despite mental diversity. Discrimination of all sorts (age, ethnicity, race, socioeconomic class, gender, educational level, etc.) should NOT be and WILL NOT be tolerated!
If you FORCE drugs on mentally diverse people, it is like forcing drugs on someone who is a woman or a man for her/his gender; it is like forcing drugs on a teenager; it is like forcing drugs on someone who is bisexual or poor!!!
How many drugs are you going to take for your conditions Mr. Felix Ortiz? How many diversities, including mental diversity, do you have?
We are living in the 21st century, not in the 16th. Either change your new law or we will see you in court!

Sincerely, with gifted diversities,

Denise Maratos
Ed.M., Harvard University


Carolina Hatfield

We don't understand the brain yet and until we do we should not pretend to or subject anyone else to unwanted experimentation. I believe our country does not and should not experiment on unwilling human beings.


Glenn Kirkindall

This is a dangerous law that can easily be abused to silence activists that organizing for social change. There are no safeguards in the law that provide oversight against abuse to individuals forced to take medication.


James A Larkin


Patricia Starnes

Forced psychiatric care is costing the state of New York millions of dollars it would otherwise not have to pay. Sometimes when a person acts a little different than you, they should not be forced to take medications and ECT. If you think forced medication for depression is the correct way to do things...where did the right to die peacefully ever go? Maybe living as a prisoner in forced medication or an institution is not living. Maybe New York would not be one of the most expensive places to live if everyone was not paying such high taxes to pay for all the forced medication and ECT treatments? How did humanity ever survive before medication and ECT? Did they possibly take an herb and go on with life? Maybe over population of the earth was not meant to be. Let people live and let live if they are not harming anyone else. 


Tina Minkowitz, Esq.

Thank you Assemblyman Ortiz for your willingness to speak the truth and oppose abuse and torture in the name of mental health, as you did by proposing a bill against forced electroshock and for free and informed consent several years ago.  Please stand with We The People against outpatient torture.  I would be happy to provide you with supporting arguments based on international human rights law, see www.chrusp.org.


Patricia Starnes

I made a comment earlier that was not complete. I have suffered due to the NYS mental health system. At one point I was given ECT. It all stemmed from my heart racing in certain situations. I was given "head meds" but it did not help. None helped and over the course of 11 years nothing worked. I was forced into hospitalization by my choice or handcuffed. I was forced ECT and the doctor had to stop ECT...because my heart was racing to fast. I was released if I promised to come back for more ECT. One night my heart was racing. I went to the ER and told them I was having a panic attack. They said I did not look panicked. I told them I didn't feel panicked either but my mental health doctors always assured me I was. They checked me out and found I was having an SVT. The doctor in the ER said whomever told me I was having panic attacks all those years was an idiot. I wound up with two cardioablations and got off the "headmeds" and can now function in life and in society!
On the meds I was unable to take care of myself, work or do much of anything. The meds made me horribly depressed and the side effects other than depression were unbearable. That 11 year episode of misdiagnoses cost New York State a lot of money. I hope tax payers all over NY vote this law and whatever politician who votes for it down. Its costing them way too much. Its cheaper to live in other countries than America and pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies are a major part of causing this. Please get rid of the forced outpatient medication and treatment laws! Aren't you tired of paying for it? I am. 


Sue Clark-Wittenberg

No Permanence and No Extension of Kendra's Law: Involuntary Outpatient Torture. It is a violation of human rights.

People demand to be treated with respect.

Stop the torture of psychiatric patients in the USA.


Brenda Lee Johnson

It is time for everyone to educate themselves about mental illness and the needs of each consumer. A quick fix for one situation does not apply to all, this law not only takes away the right to choose but also represents only one side of the story. As a mental health caseworker and consumer myself, this is a slap in the face to all the work I and my collegues do each day to assist consumers in finding a healthy life in the community and get the real help they need to be productive citizens in society. Andrew Goldstein is a perfect example of the ignorance of an old way of thinking and the lack of care due to be ignored by those who could have helped him and saved two lives.


Charlene Reeves


Laura Maskell


Sheila C. Curren, Ph.D., LCSW

There is ample evidence of the negative effects of pervasive, reflexive psychotropic treatment; also ample evidence of inhuman treatment that results from forced hospitalization.  Let's turn our energies and resources to support human, effective, holistic treatments which include psychotherapy/psychoanalysis, activity, art, music, writing, real work and real support.  One such model is "388 Gifric" in Quebec. Models such as this have demonstrable, proven results in restoring people to functioning: working (and paying taxes), full independence in self support, even marrying and raising healthy families.  People can be assisted in returning to happy, productive and giving lives. Let's put our energies in these directions, not toward oppression.


Jodi Marchese

This is outrageous and must be stopped, what are the governments next move to take moe ofourCivil Rights and Civil Liberties away?


Maria Mangicaro


The choice of Law Makers to side with the dominate force of Psychiatry in State operated medical facilities is unconstitutional.
The use of psychiatric medications can be harmful to the individual who takes them, as well as lead to the harm of others.  Case example is that of Ryan Ehlis, who committed a murder and the drug company was admittedly responsible for his criminal actions. 
Psychiatric Drugs are not the only form of treating symptoms of mental illness.
There are many underlying medical conditions that can cause mania/psychosis that are being overlooked, despite the evidence. 
Before you support this law, investigate for yourself at this link
Psychiatric Labels are arbitrary and misleading. 
The psychiatric labeling process used by the State to support psychiatric drug use creates a class of people deprived of equal protection and is unconstitutional.
The underlying conditions that are the root cause of mania/psychosis must be considered before an individual is labeled with manic-depression or schizophrenia and coerced into taking medications. 


Judy Sugarman

 We already have cost effective, humane alternatives. It is past the time to utilize them! Kendra's Law doesn't work.  


Ronald Arjune

suppressing paranoid beliefs is wrong


Barbara Katz Rothman


Naomi Smith

Please do not extend kendras law.closer investigation show  psych drugs to cause anger,aggresion,suicidal thoughts, suicide,murder etc.,.sudden withdral cause the same problems.medication for mental illness is not a science,not even close it is about sales.
Dr'give this stuff to infants prozac etc.  


Erick Fabris


Adam Howell

Please repeal or let sunset "Kendra's Law" as one of the most oppressive pieces of legislation we've seen to date. Involuntary outpatient treatment through forced drugging is fascist, unethical, and harmful in its nature.


Mark Eccles

Mental illness is not a physical disease. There is no lab test that can detect mental illness positively or negatively. Nor can a lab test detect an individuals choice to do evil instead of good.
Psychiatry's efforts to FORCE people to be "good" instead of "bad", can not , and does not work reliably. "better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer"Blackstone ratio.

How many innocent mentally ill people have to suffer for the actions of Andrew Goldstein?


Stephen Arthur Maxwell

I believe that the language of "Kendra's Law" was deliberately written in a confusing and preposterous manner in order to facilitate forced outpatient drugging(i.e. Involuntary Outpatient Torture), the practice of which in turn is facilitative to the lining of the pocketbook$ of corporate pharmaceutical PHAT CAT$ with billion$ and billion$ and billion$ of dollar$(more $munny$) (?could part of their motive be to compen$ate for the deva$tating effect$ of Obummernomic$ a.k.a. "Obamanomic$", and by highly criminal mean$?   I believe that the mental hell-th industry is guilty, as charged with MASS MURDER), and that is the way it is, in that that that is that way is the way that that is, that is, that is the way that that is that way.\ /Steve......^Steve's "law"^(o:


Paul Becker


Kenneth Lynn

Punishing those already stigmatized with psychiatric labels by mandated their use of dangerous, ineffective drugs with horrendous side effects (that can increase violence and worsen personal judgment) is not a solution. And in fact causes new problems. Please do not extend Kendra's Law.


Marion Hubbard

It is time to honor the humanity of our fellow human beings. 


Claire Longpré

I strongly oppose to the 'Kendra's Law'.
I am from Québec, Canada. We now have the RRASMQ  Regroup of alternative ressources in mental Health on a provincial level.
I wish that New  York and USAs invest in looking into way more softer approaches than to impose unilateral drugging of people who otherwise, if more human ressources and approaches would be taken into serious consideration.
Claire Longpré, Québec, Canada


Aubrey Ellen Shomo

This bill is one of the most staggering violations of the civil rights of people who experience mental illness I have seen in a while. It is worse than the original Kendra's law and many initiatives based on it.  Whatever you call the experience of madness, taking more rights than those taken from criminals is not the appropriate response.  It's a crime against humanity - and nothing less.
The compassionate, reasonable response consists of making the tools available for people to find their own way out, not ensuring they'll never go near those tools for fear of force.
The answer is alternatives, not force.
Please end, not permanentize, Kendra's law.


Juli Lawrence

Persons with psychiatric diagnoses are one of the last groups of people who live with discrimination every day. We've gone into countries to allegedly liberate their people, we're raising our national debt to provide "health care" to every citizen, but it is still politically and morally correct to treat anyone with mental illness as less than. Less than human.

It's time to do the right thing and call for No Permanence and No Extension of Kendra's Law: Involuntary Outpatient Torture.


Becca Yoder

Nothing good will come of forcing people to take psychiatric drugs. It will not make the public safer. It will only further marginalize a group of people who are already considered "untouchable" by mainstream society. 


Ronda R. Ames

It's bad enough that there is involuntary commitment period but involuntary outpatient commitment is even worse.  Traditional treatment would go further if the consumer was treatment with dignity and respect and the treatment plan is person centered.  The reason there is involuntary patient commitment is to force treament plans that just plain don't work!!!!


Malaina Poore


Helen Krisilas

Let me know if any of them want to experience the law themselves. If they haven't experienced for themselves they don't know what they are talking about and thus they can't vote on extending it. Please unless you have experienced the abuses yourself don't extended. It does more harm then good to individuals and families.


Paula Christine Hulbert

Forced outpatient treatment must stop. A person with a mental illness must ALWAYS be part of the decisions about their treatment or lack of treatment.


Heather G Staton

We the People do have a right to speak, be heard, not be afraid, and refuse to be mistreated by the force of involuntary outpatient laws such as the "Kendra's Law".  I call for NO PERMANENCE and NO EXTENSION of Kendra's Law of Involuntary Outpatient Torture.  You can slice it and dice it under all kinds of names, laws, disclosures, whatever, but you cannot get away from the simple fact that what you as a representative of New York are proposing is wrong.  Wrong is wrong and Right is right.  Stop mixing signals and language to benefit some small portion of the population.  Whoever it is benefiting needs to ask themselves why does torturing other people cause me to rise in power, become richer or keep my reputation strong?  In this case, scenerio it is not the stronger survives and the weaker dies.  Instead it is the crueler man survives by killing innocent people or torturing them until they do eventually die.  That's murder through power and prestige and lawmaking.  Or at le!
ast a road to murder others.  Meanwhile, who is it working for- who is benefiting?  Whoever is benefiting really needs to look at what is it that is making them stronger?  Politic power and influence that allows you to overlook other peoples human rights so that you remain on top? That is not stronger; that is just leveraging your power and desire to stay in power over others.  Is your name and reputation and power as important as the human rights or even the very lives of other people?  Again, we are down to the fight against the survival of your livelihood or the survival of other peoples LIVES.  Which is it going to be your career/reputation/power or other peoples actual LIFE? 
Your life will not be over if you chose to stand up to this critical issue.  Your career and reputation may take a hit but that is all.  Your decision will cost the lives of others if you make the wrong decision.  If you make the correct decision you can save the lives of others and be a hero. Or your choice to save your career and take part in creating policies set forth to eventually cause people to die much much earlier than their time is on your hands. How are you going to wash your hands of the eventual deaths of innocent peoples' snuffed out lives?
Easy...Say no to Kendra's Law and Say YES to alternatives.
Heather G Staton


Cindi Katz

Forced treatment violates people's dignity and human rights.  


Marjorie Sharp

It is most important to stop forced drugging by mental health caregivers, they are not only dangerous, they are like a lobodenmey, in medication form, please stop this forced practice!


Thomas Eugene Hughes

This is the testimony of one person who has been free of unwanted psychiatric influence for over a decade.
Let it be known that I have firsthand experienced the intensely uncomfortable "rebound effect" of the sudden cessation of unnecessary and unwanted antipsychotic drugs as an intensification of their core effect. They have no specific "antipsychotic effect". Such chemicals affect all mammals similarly. 
The drugs were preventing me from being a self sustaining contributor to my community sooner than I have. Any relief from either discomfort was a constant desire even as I used the 10% less per week system to remove myself from their  torturous grasp.
  Forced and coercive psychiatric drugging illuminates individuals in the criminal justice system, physicians, and pharmaceutical companies in the same light as addiction to illicit drugs places drug dealers and cartel distribution participants.   Both gain wealth in a vain attempt to force artificial happiness upon individuals who are capable of releasing items of value into the exchange. Once fleeced; their bondage is then used to influence others into the exchange.      Please do not place your state's  government into the unsustainable status of both promoting and opposing  error.   It is my understanding that mentally ill persons are just as likely to be the victim of a violent crime as any other member of society. Please do not tilt this scale with an open invitation to state sponsored drug torture on demand.
  Forced psychiatric drugging did me harm and nothing else. I am still recovering from the heavy burden of resentment it dumped into my life.  


Marie Parcell


Catherine Simon

If I had been living under the provisions of the law you endorse, I would still be a useless dysfunctional mental patient. The basis for the law itself is flawed--statistics plainly show that those who are diagnosed with mental illness are much, much more likely to be VICTIMS of violence than to ever cause it. Please do not pass a law which takes away basic civil rights from people based on subjective views of their "sanity".


Mary Maddock

 Forced 'treatment' is a crime against humanity.


Roy Bradley Fountain

 As a mental health professional, I have seen this all to well. Giving "SHOCK" Therapy or the nice name "ECT" Treatment without really providing in depth information to patient and family and given option as getting a second opinion from another Doctor in mental health field. Also made aware of long term side effects. Should have a waiting period to give patient time to think and talk to family and other patients that have had this treatment. You see I know all this as I was a patient myself and I wished I had these options given to me!!!


Julie Leonovs

People with mental health issues do not need drugs or ECT - but help, support and understanding.


Stephen Pocklington 

First, do no harm.  Please, say no to Kendra's law.  Say no to pharmaceutical restraints.  Say no to involuntary commitment. 


Andrew G Katsetos


Jonathan Dosick


Donna CeCartel

I do not agree with any forced treatment


Gianna Kali

Force "treatment" is a misleading and repulsive oxymoron. For treatment to be healing and therapeutic it, by definition, cannot be forced. 


Marci Stern


Don Emmal 

Please dont expand Kendras' law.More forced treatments will only backfire and result in less people receiving what they need- mainly housing and support structures with ccompassion at their core. Thanks, Don Emmal


Lester Cook

You are kidding me right? They want to take away people's right to due process


Julien Arbor, PsyD

Forced "treatment" is traumatizing, inhumane, and torturous. If we are to live in a civil society that honors the human rights of all citizens, then we must develop safer and more effective alternative treatments and socioeconomic solutions that promote healing and the dignity of every human being.


Yves Lehmann


Christine Barclay

No More drugging 


Leticia Villarreal Sosa

I do not support involuntary outpatient treatment or medication.  This law violates human rights.  I ask that you vote no.


Jim Gaskins

I'm absolutely behind you guys on this. This outrage must be brought to an end. I'm not one who has suffered at the hands of this fraudulent industry, but I've watched many others and believe it is a direct violation of the most basic human rights. Stop these guys now...


Mary O'Hagan


Heidi Reyes

Say NO to Kendra's Law and YES to Alternatives.  There are alternatives to drugging that work.  These alternatives need funding. Please fund the alternative treatments to drugging. 


Shaista Patel

I sign this as an ally and say no to Kendra's Law and to the white supremacist dehumanizing of bodies which happens every single day from the streets, to soup kitchens, to 'mental asylums' and several others places that are part of our everyday lives.


Kevin Mayheew

Treating symptoms is like spraying air freshener instead of flushing the toilet which neglects the underlying cause.


Bob Imhoff

For the complete picture on this issue visit http://www.cchrint.org/


Ray Peck

Forced government drugging of citizens is a 1984 horror and should not be tolerated or supported.


Robert Belcastro

This is completely a violation of First Amendment and other Constitutional rights (too much to go into here) to force a person to ingest the equivalent of a low level poison.  It is akin to murder to do this to anyone, and you are an accomplice to any murder they commit if you don't try to stop this legislation.  These are NOT light drugs.  Their effects are devastating to the person taking them.
A person has a right to refuse to take them.  Read the warning labels that are on the containers!
No one has the right to force another person to take such mind altering drugs.


Danny Amin


Jane Miller

I suppose in a country that has suspended the rights of habeas corpus, one could hardly expect to see a great deal of objection to a mental health system which is unarguably a disposal system for the unwanted in families (the old, the young, the dependent). Not only is it a disposal system, it is one without law and does not even consider the necessity of substantiating family claims, operating on a system of secret testimony. Nor is there any body to truly assess the information were the families involved likely to give it. Psychiatry is a very soft science with little in the way of a track record. When was the last time psychiatrists identified a serial killer in advance? And how many instances are there of rehabilitated abusers set free to abuse again? There will be much to pay for the heartless drugging of the young and old and those in between who are viewed as annoyances. The profit in this system is with the mental health workers and the drug companies. Its!
 activities constitute crime. Psychiatry rests on false science and is harming many; its activities should be curtailed, rather than expanded. Therefore, I am emailing this objection against your proposed expansion of generalized drugging of the populace. I ask you to think about this crime in the very act of its performance and to say no to it.


David Potter

Psych drugs cause brain damage, frequently.  Forced drugging, whether in an psych prison, or in the home, is torture.


Sylvia Dodd

Please do not allow "Kendra's law" to have an impact on the lives of so many who have a hard enough time as it is. Not everyone is the same when it comes to how they would react in any given situation. There is a dire need for the basic needs of individuals to be met. We should treat others the way we want to be treated. I am not saying that what Andrew Goldstein did was an appropriate response, but using Andrew Goldstein as an example for all that are diagnosed as mentally ill does not solve the problem either. WHAT HAPPENED TO kENDRA WAS TRAGIC. I understand the pain that her family and friends must have suffered. But I am asking you to not punish a bunch of other people for what only one man did. I hope you and others will find it in your hearts to forgive the offender, and allow him to receive the treatment he was used to receiving. That does not mean he is getting away with it. He just needed the right type of help. I used to live in NYC, and it was sometimes hard to ge!t the help I needed. The homeless shelters need to either improve, expand, or close down. People need their own private space. I could go on, but I am sure that my e-mail is not the only one you will be looking at. God bless you, and I hope to hear from you soon.


Delphine Brody

Let's face the facts, forced treatment has failed.  Increased access to an array of voluntary community services and supports that meets people's needs has been shown to yield better outcomes with enormous cost savings. 
Kendra's Law, long opposed by NY consumers/survivors as an approach that inflicts trauma and destroys hope, shown by research to offer no better outcomes than similar services provided on a voluntary basis (Steadman et al, 2001), and exposed as racially disproportionate in its implementation (NYLPI, 2005), should be allowed to sunset permanently.  It should not be extended one more time, and it absolutely should not be made permanent. 
Furthermore, the proposed new provisions represent a major new assault on civil rights, doubling the length court orders, eliminating due process hearings and creating new criteria for inpatient commitment. 
Please listen to the people, read the research, and do the math.  Expanding forced treatment is not the answer; providing an array of voluntary services and supports in the community is what is needed.  Kendra's Law should be laid to rest.


William C. Sullivan

Please, Involuntary measures in the psychiatric world have proven to be ineffective.  Only the collaborative arrangements between provider and recipient of services is helpful.  


Jayne Alcock


Say no to torture! This proposal will result in terrible abuse and trauma to vulnerable people. Instead provide decent holistic care based on the goal of recovery.


Kristin Ulland

This is a barbaric idea. No one will benefit from enforced mental health care treatment. It shows an unbelievable amount of ignorance that this bill got any traction. Talk to survivors of the mental health care industry! 


Marsha Bancroft

Please find alternative ways to work with people with serious mental illness.


Deborah L. Davies

Mental Health often is nothing more than educated guess and a tool of manipulation. If a person is not a danger to himself or others, mandated treatment is never going to be a solution unless it involves control of another human being. That is alot of control to offer an educated opinion or position of manipulation. Put yourself in the position of being on the receiving end before you make a law to control another human being. When treatment is sought, the waiting lists are often too long because there are clients other people want to control and manipulate for their advantage, not out of necessity.


Dan Renner

In the early days, the first "anti-depressants" were marketed as a "lobotomy in a pill" with the purpose of making one brain-dead and of no use to the community.
On top of that, put the fact that side-effects of so-called "anti-depressants" include violence and suicide.
We already have a country seething with stupid people because of the level that our education system has stooped to, with an extension of Kendra's Law, there will only come violence of an unprecedented level, not a rebuilding of America, which is obviously so dreadfully needed at this time.
Please do not allow this bill to pass.


Eileen McGinn

Other than those with vested interests in continuing the present system of coercion, discrimination, stigma and reliance on drugs to deal with what are clearly societal and economic issues for most of those diagnosed with a "mental illness",  no objective observers reviewing the biased studies, as well as the testimony of those who are subject to these inhumane laws and some of those who are required to enforce them, would agree that it is necessary to strip people of their basic human rights and constitutional protections in the name of medical care. Psychiatry has little scientific evidence to support the theories and practices it espouses.  The practice of psychiatry has outpaced the evidence in everyday clinical care, as has been well documented in many scientific papers and from the reports of users and survivors.  Using legal means to force people to be in the "mental health" system, a system with a record of its participants having a 25 year shorter life spa!
n, much of it lived with multiple drug-induced medical illnesses and disabilities, is not compatible with democracy, freedom, human rights or ethical medical treatment.     


 Marths Brock

 I do not live in NY, but I do live in NC where the consultant making the suggestions for change lives and works at Duke.  His research deserves a second look from unbiased sources, and not just governmental authorities who may be without proper training to evaluate his research results. 


Thomas Olin

Vote No to Kendra's Law and Yes to Human Rights!


 Kent Reedy

The proposed extension of involuntary psychiatric "treatment" is a back door way to further diminish the civil rights guarantees of the U.S. constitution - such as the right to due process.  What public support it has comes mainly from people who think they could never be personally subject to this kind of denial of civil rights, so they don't care how wrong or how technically unconstitutional it may be.  It as long as it only targets some other people who the majority regard as unimaginably different from themselves, they see no threat from this denial of basic rights.  It may be a precurser to fewer civil rights for everyone, but many are unable to see that; it may help ease the way for a slide towards a more totalitarian form of government, but many are too self-satisfied to even entertain the thought that that may be possible.  Their willingness to accept just a few people being excluded from the protections of the Bill of Rights, and then later just a few more!
, and so on, may someday cause those protections to no longer exist for anyone.


S. Robin Weiss

IOC does not woek and would never even be considered if there were enough effective services available in the community. This legislation is a waste of time as it tries to put a bandaid on a a greater systemic problem.


Anita Cameron 

 I am urging you stop involuntary and forced treatment of people with mental health conditions. I FULLY support the work of We The People! I'm in Washington, DC, but am with you in spirit!
Anita Cameron


Cheryl Wulf

Defies logic: give mind-altering drugs to make a person behave more normally!  Show me the gauge by which to measure the need for, or the benefit of, these permanently disabling drugs.


Marie Anderson

Look at the ACTUAL results of forced drug treatment!
Taumatizing and drugging down symptoms statistically has a catastrophic effect on too many individuals.  This type of treatment, far from preventing crime is creating more danger to society.
Consider as well the unconstitutional act of "preventive treatment".  These people end up feeling raped and violated beyond words combined with the dangerous side effects of the drugs themselves.  


Roseann Schmidt

  I am against all involuntary treatment.  Each person has a right to live.  IOC is  certainly not a means to recovery. Involuntary committment is a form of terrorism to someone who really needs love,mercy, understanding, and paying attention to trully help give what is wanted not forced against one's will.  The extension of Kendra's Law will only promote IOC to many other unnecessary situations. Committment doesn't rehabilitate so what is the true purpose?  It is another form of victimazation.


Frank Cuny

New York is a great state as is California. Our organization ask you NOT pass the law. California Citizens for Health Freedom


Cary Wagner

 Antipsychotic/antidepressent medications should go hand in hand with one to one therapy by a credentialed PHD and regular medication checks with the issuer of the medication. True assistance is not in a bottle of pills without adjunctive therapy. Too many recieve "pills" without therapy.

 Moneer Zarou

It's a sad thing when our elected officials ignore solid statistics to pander to mass hysteria.

People with mental issues are still people and not cattle to be herded and kept in pens and medicated because current services are inadequate and substandard.

Please do not extend this antiquated and useless law that does no one any good.  Rather spend tax payer monies on supportive care, peer support and real recovery.

Ben Justiss



Alan Eames

I maintain that too many people have been victimized by experimentation, drugging, and electro-convulsive "therapy". They continue to state national statistics that people who have been treated as "mentally ill" die an average of 25 to 30 years younger than their contemporaries. Why? Because of the treatment, not because of their alleged mental illness.
I view the "mental illness industry" as cruel, costly, powerful, and profitable. As a citizen of the United States I maintain that the human rights of ALL people must be protected and promoted. When the needs of people are met, force is not necessary. Forced drugging and unwanted "treatment" is torture.
Say no to Kendra's law; say yes to alternatives.

Elizabeth R

Another person wrote what I have also posted below (they just said it so perfectly):
End Kendra's Law now. People need choice in recovery, not force and coercion. Psychiatry is being used as a tool for social control and oppression. Tax dollars are being spent to violate human rights. Use those dollars to provide alternatives, choices and much needed social resources. If those resources had been in place, Kendra Webdale would probably be alive today. Andrew Goldstein ASKED for psychiatric treatment, but was turned away.

Stop violating human rights, and stop letting interest groups capitalize on tragedies that could have been PREVENTED by the choice to access treatment. Andrew Goldstein wasn't given that choice. Keep marginalizing people, and they get desperate. Remove freedom, and you remove any chance of recovery.

Michael Haan

What about "Mary's Law"?  What about the fact that science has discovered recovery does not occur by force?  What about the Constitutional Right to choice which furthers the recovery process as supported by tne scientific evidence?  And what about Mary Watson who fought not to die 25 years early as a result of the psych drugs forced on people?  What about the 25 years?  What about the human rights that were violated in King County when they annulled her marriage and didn't let her talk to friends anymore in the name of these dangerous drugs?  See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFf0gb_f93I

Roy Nikolaisen

I will sign this to say NO to Kendra's Law and YES to common sense. NO to involuntary and forced treatment. NO to electro-convulsive treatment and all other forms of torture. And YES to good physical examinations and good nutrition and a calm, secure environment. 


Marlene Dembin

I don't believe that psychiatric medicine should be forced upon anyone. It should be strictly voluntary. Also, I am opposed to Kendra's Law, and there should definitely be more alternatives.


 John Clayton Cross II


Tehseen Noorani


John Egan

It's time to put peoples lives and well being ahead of corporate profits.
We the people, need to take more responsibility to help those who can not help themselves, or to help those who may have suffered a temporary setback, to get back on their feet again. Kendra"s Law would only inhibit progress in peoples treatment.  


 L Wiles

This law should not be extended. Everyone should have a choice in the care they get or don't want.


Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault


Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault, & PsychOUT Cnference Organizing Committee

We strongly oppose involuntary outpatient committal (involuntary outpatient torture) that many of us psychiatric survivors and friends have been subjected to in Canada and the United States.
Forced treatment of any kind, including forced drugging,is psychiatric assault - a psychiatric crime sanctioned by the state, a serious violation of people's human and civil rights. "Kendra's Law" must be abolished now!
- Executive Committee,Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault(CAPA), and
PsychOUT Conference Organizing Committee


Joe Woodward

Mental Illness is not a crime and should not be treated as a crime, treating mental illness should be recovery based, equal access to treatment and person centered. This approach has worked time and time again for individuals that the m.h. system rejected. Treatment that offers choice, respect, integrity, alternatives and accessibility is what is needed.

 Sonia del Mundo

 I oppose Involuntary Outpatient Torture.


Gia Stark


Mel Starkman

The extension of Kendra's Law is a travesty of justice and precludes due process to victims who are psychiatrized and victimized by civil rights injustice. It does nothing to protect innocent bystanders from wrongs usually done in a desperate plea for help in a system rotten to the core.


Michael Sparti

As a Certified Peer Specialist, Non-practising alcoholic(16&1/2yrs)AND retired Physician I have a Unique perspective.
Do not allow this egregious legisation to go further!
Kindly call/ e-mail for expanded views and Values,
spartimed@hotmail.com, 678-895-4388
Thank You,
Michael Sparti,BS,D.O.,CPS,CAC(pending supervised hrs)


Miguel Reyes


Stan Cavers

STOP "Kendra's Law" - Removal of human rights, forced medication, and just more fear mongering.
This law as with others similar to it are gaining traction throughout America. They are not based in the sound principles of our constitution, or in our innate responsibility for providing civil liberties, humane treatment, & fostering human rights throughout the world. Those people and organizations supporting these laws are mislead and ignorant to realities of our present day mental health system and it's inherent short comings.
I suggest you read more about those behind "Kendra's Law" and other laws similar to this one.
The " Fuller Torrey" Treatment Advocacy Center lobbying to limit civil rights and force drug large segments of our population
Sunday Seattle Times Front Page - government fear mongering over the state of insanity
I ask you make the right vote as a representative of all the people and Say NO to "Kendra's Law"
Thank you,


 Charles F. McCarthy

 Involuntary medication is barbaric.  Even in a locked secure hospital setting patients have their glasses broken, their eyes blackened, and their bodies bruised and battered.  Any therapeutic relationship with the patient is lost. How much more the violation when it occurs in your own home or community and administered by persons with even less experience than in-patient psychiatric hospital staff.  Will law enforcement officers be involved?  Who will be holding the patient and pulling his or her pants down to administer the drug?  Who will be monitoring the patient following the administration of the drug(s)? Many of these patients live alone. The administration of involuntary medication in the community will have to be done in an in-patient setting!!!!!!!  


Maie Liiv

became part of the psychiatric system when a thyroid problem was not diagnosed and pharmaceuticals were prescribed. It was hell.

Amber Guerrero

Just say NO to Kendra's Law and YES to CHOICE!


Daniel Hazen


 Deborahy Evans

Please, no, involuntary outpatient torture.


Sharon E. Hoffman

I am an advocate who has worked with an individual, at their request, who is  under court ordered treatment.
The current process, in my experience, is a total waste of taxpayers dollars.
It does not promote recovery in the individual nor inclusion of the family and  community supports, two vital components of recovery. Those who the person trusts are not "allowed" to assist the "assigned" team.
This individual's person centered plan developed while in the hospital was totally dropped upon discharge into the community. Other discharge plans were wholley inadequate and ill conceived did not include the imput of the person.
The "team" and forced medication was supposed to be the solution for success in living in the community.
Now, a year later, how would you respond if police came looking for you with drawn guns in full view?
It seems the team's only answer is to drug the person into being a zombie, producing yet another wasted life which has to be supported long term with our tax dollars. 
It can and should be different.
Force is not the answer.
This law is not designed to provide for the individual, it is designed merely to appease the "public"  - so that it can be said - there are safeguards in place to protect society.
I live each day with grave concern that the outcome for this individual will be yet another fatal tragedy.
Please do not continue this farce - Do not expand or allow this law to gain permanence. It serves no valued purpose.
Instead, have the political will to do what is right.
Sincerely yours,
Sharon E. Hoffman



Gorett Reis

Annmarie Hjortsberg

Sweden is horrifying in the present....people die and are beeing treated very bad


Maxine Hayden

I would suggest that Assemblyman Ortiz and the NYS Mental Health Committee be exposed to "Sensitivity Training" even in front of this committee and their staff to view and experience for themselves the devistating and tramatic effects upon citizens of New York State.
Representatives of the people of New York State need to fully understand the torture masquerading as "Treatment", for the unjust enrichment of the Pharmceutical Industry and their Non-Profit Front Groups who push this type of legislation.
The work by U.S. Senator Charles Grassley should also be presented to the NYS "Mental Health Committee". on the exposure of the political lobbyists that push this type of "Torture", upon the American Public.


Barbara Albert

I have been "forced to take",also known as, "guinea pigged", practically to death. Much of this has resulted with MANY other medical complications, some of which are permanent. Never mind the increase of frustration with a so called group of "health care" people, who in my opinion, just perpetuate the abuse, and continue to sociopathically re-stigmatize.
Particularly while inpatient.Due to the fact that here in CT, all the employee needs is a high school diploma, sometimes only a GED, which DOES NOT equal the education of a high school diploma.Which does not equal a college diploma. Which will never, in my opinion, equal life experience.
I have also been in outpatient "therapy", where the lack of knowledge further perpetuates.
So much for "first do no harm".
OR DID YOU FORGET???? Did you even know?
The Mental "Health" system, as well as many others are as scared of the unknown,as they are of the possibility of having medical illness(es)like what we have.
Anyone is illegible.
I have also been 'stuck' in daily 'outpatient'.More often than not ,workers, in my opinion, are the most often unqualified to work there.
I have never been violent to another person, and its not going to happen today either.
Several times I have been referred to as "non-compliant".
Ever hear of a Federal Document called The Americans With Disabilities Act, finally passed in 1990?
Ever READ, some of it? Any of it?
I am a Human Being that deserves to have a choice, and a chance, JUST LIKE ANY OTHER HUMAN BEING.
Like I wrote before,grow a set.
This is 2010.

Barbara Albert, Human Rights Advocate


 Alan Weinerman

 Not only is "forced treatment" barbaric, but psychitric drugs cause massive brain damage even for the "willing"...the paharmaceutical companies know this and deliberately hide the information


Catherine E. S.  Horn

 This law is counterproductive to the needs of mental health consumers. Equitable and compassionate services are needed for the mental health community. As well, consumers need a voice in how a medication affects their function and their lives. Too many consumers are force fed dangerous medications that do not help them. This gentleman acted in desperation. This case is atypical of most consumers who are by their nature non-violent. Even NAMI will attest that evidence based practices where consumers have a voice and participation in their treatment go farther and are proven to be less of a "libiability" to society, if we see the perspective of those without mental illness. Consumers are human beings; try to remember that when  formulating, considering, structuring and entacting  laws.

Thank you,
Catherine ES Horn
Member of Icarus Project

 Constance Lesold

This law has had terrible consequences for many people.  To continue it would be simple minded and show a lack of respect for scientific methods and work done on this matter.


Mike Bachhuber

Studies show that people with Mental Illness are less dangerous than others living in similar neighborhoods.  When do our rights as Americans get honored?


Glenn Simpson

I have suffered under the law.   I was ready to work and instead was forced to attend day treatment and lost income, barely able to survive.  I got injections which led to diabetes.  The law is terrible!

 William Lennox

Passing this law would be a crime against humanity and dignity for indivduals with mental illness, there are other options. Currently how would you "force" someone to be treated inthe community? Consumers of mental illness have


Charles Dickens

I am in complete agreement no permanence and no extension of kendra's law


Peter Ashenden

I am writing to you to call for No Permanence and No Extension of Kendra's Law: Involuntary Outpatient Torture. It has been demonstrated that folks do well with choice and an enhanced package of voluntary mental health services. This law must be stopped and allow those that want services the choices that they deserve.


Laurie Galloway


W. Marc Ducker, Esq. CPRP

This "new" involuntary outpatient commitment law is a violation of human rights law and civil rights law.  It penalizes persons for having a medical illness and labels them, sub silencio, as a danger to the community without the need for a full commitment hearing or trial. It then permits them coercively to live in the community under punitive conditions (forced medical treatment)when there are clinically proven constitutionally-mandated less restrictive alternatives  (such as non-invasive Solteria Project-style interventions  and peer-run Rose-House style respite housing).  This is a shameful travesty!


Dean Hogarth

I feel it is cruel and unusual punishment. Most mentally ill, compliant or not, are not as dangerous as some of our so-called "normal" neighbors. Just look at the newspaper.


 Dianne Moore CAPA Executive

 Forced drugging, forced electroshock,forced hospitalization,restraints, isolation...no human being should be subjected to that. What kind of a society... a world are we when we allow this State structured torture to become the standard practice for corralling the most vulnerable of people and targeting them for oppression and mental and physical torment?
In the 1930's, when Hitler began to cleanse the Aryan Community of "mental defectives"...he quickly went on to the Roma, the homosexuals, the Jews...
If we don't speak up now, when vulnerable members of our community are being targeted for this type of State-sanctioned and State sponsored abuse, how long before they come for the rest of us?
And who will be free to speak for you?


Lydia Richard

The State of Maine has recently enacted a law based on Kendra's Law that is very scary for me as a consumer of mental health services. I have seen too many people try to get help and be turned away and then end up in the news. Something must be done to force agencies that are using tax payer money to provide the services that we need.
No other group of people are forced by the courts in order to get the treatment they require.
Thank you.

  Anne Dox

This law penalizes and criminalizes innocent people.  It was born from sensational media hype that stigmatizes people who seek mental health services as violent.  It encourages the general public to fear people who have been labeled as "mentally ill".  The criteria of this law allowing forced treatment also disallows the normal movement between various services as people gain their recovery -- offering fear rather than support.  The law causes animosity among the people who are prioritized for services because of being AOT'd and those that must continue to wait.

No law should be unjust and no law should cause harm.

 Rosemary Straney You can not recover from mental illness if you are continuously traumatized.  Being forced into something against your will is traumatizing.  The "treatment" is likely to exacerbate symptoms rather than successfully resolve them.



Barbara McCarty

 I  had  my own  verifiable  horrible  experience with  the  system  that  was  similar   to  IOC.

The   current  psychiatric  system operates  still  as  a  mostly  unregulated  horror  of  the  worst  human rights  abuses  present on American soil .  The  doctors  routinely  ignore  or intensively  abuse  the  desperate and unfortunate  people that  they  are  entrusted with  sole
" care " of .    And  they  are  robbing  so  very  much taxpayer  money ,  and  with  endless  impudence ,  in order  to  do  this .
    They  routinely  violate  the  most  basic  Constitutional  Rights of  vulnerable  adults  and  children , in  rampantly effecting  the ruined  lives , disfigurement , crippling , early  deaths  by  side  effects ,  or  by  suicides caused  by  the  drugs , or   by  the doctors and system .
     Not  to  mention  the  crippling  humiliation  of  enduring  stigma ,  and  family /  property / job  and  reputation  loss.
     In  fact ,  even  under  current law(s) ,  there  is almost  no  accountability ---- or  positive  outcomes  for the  patient.
     EXTENSION   OR  PERMANENCE  OF  KENDRA'S  LAW    will  almost  certainly  SET  A  PRECEDENT    for  uncontrolled  tyranny . For :
     Very many  of the psychiatrists ( and  attorneys )  are totally dishonest , unprincipaled , and the money involved with the  drugs is a huge incentive for them .
They  CANNOT be  trusted  to make  'only good ' drugging decisions for the patient  . And forced  drugging , by its nature , can bend and break a  person ;  definitely  prevent  a  person  from legally fighting them back .
Even  one  day  under  a  wrongfully  prescribed  psych  drug (  such  as  Haldol )  can  be  completely  incapacitating .  A  6  month order  can  be  truly   6 MONTHS  IN  HELL .   Double  that to  one  year ,  and  you  have  DOUBLE  THE  (  undeserved , SENSEless ) HELL   for  an  innocent  person .
     Abolish  the  doctors'  hearings,  or  even  testimony ,  and  you  have  given the  Psych - Nazis  a  BLANK  CHECK   for  silencing , incapacitating ,  detaining  and  even  KILLING  off   the  unloved  and  unwanted ; the  poor  and  the  alone ;  the  misunderstood , harmless  " nuisance "  and  the  legal  or  moral  " dissident " .   ( All this  , without  even  a  paper trail to trace or determine malfeasance by .)
Same  goes  to  any  person  FORCED  to  non - compliance with  an order , due  to real and  acute  physical  suffering  caused  by the  drug(s).
 They  are  merely  Non -  Compliant   ---  NOT  a  " Danger ".    Common sense  is :  they  are  only  a  danger  if  they are  , indeed  , a danger .
 But  the  language in the new  law  would  open  the  door  for  such  as  aggressive ,  unwarranted  forcible  manhunts  ordered   by dishonest  or  unprincipaled doctors ( and  so  extremely potentially  dangerous  for  all  involved  , or  surrounding ) .   Even  if  the person  were  benign  / deathly   ill  from  drug's  side  effects / and  indeed  FORCED  to  non-compliance  ,  by  his  side  effect  being ignored  by  his  negligent  doctor .
In  fact  ,  there  is  NO factual  or medical suppression of  any  individual ,  no  evil  manipulation  of  all  legal , civil  rights , that cannot  be  brought  about  into  action   once  KENDRA'S  becomes  permanent ---and  PRECEDENT  .  Property  rights , family  planning , freewill  life  plans  and  destinies   can  ALL  be  seized  and  forcibly   manipulated  once KENDRA'S  becomes  precedent .   Because  a  person  held  involuntarily  under  the  wrong  psych  drugs , without recourse ,   is  a  person  who  cannot  live  or  function  at  all  well .

Michael Sabourin

Involuntary outpatient care is not patient centered nor an effective modality as it basically destroys individuals' life styles and sense of self.

Nor is it prudent to have a vulnerable class of people with less rights than average citizens

Involuntary outpatient is  just a lazy way of not providing adequate services or help to affected individuals


Marian B. Goldstein



Thomas Behrendt


 Elizabeth Szlek

Please do not allow this heinous law to be extended in New York State. Too many children and adults have become chronic mental patients because of forced drugging. We need compassion and care, and indeed, love to prevail in dealing with persons who are experiencing difficulties in living. We do not need to destroy their brains with these poisonous drugs.

Elizabeth Szlek,LMHC,NCC,MA
The Door Counseling Center
Yorkville, NY 


Dante Smith

What more can I say... PEOPLE cannot keep being allowed to control other PEOPLE, physically, emotionally, socially, or otherwise, for financial gain!


Rebecca Christie

I am a former student of Psychology who has witnessed the damage that forced treatment causes.

All psychiatric drugs have the propensity to cause a condition called akathisia, which has been documented by Dr. Lucire, Dr. Breggin and Dr. Glenmullen, amongst others, to be a potent predictor of violent behavior. Those who have survived this neurological assault often refer to it as a form of torture.

In the US SSRIs carry a black box warning concerning their ability to cause suicidal ideation.  The makers of Effexor XR actually list "homicidal ideation" as a side effect of their drug. 

In Canada all SSRI antidepressants now carry  the following warning:

"There are clinical trial and post-marketing reports with SSRIs and other
newer anti-depressants, in both pediatrics and adults, of severe agitation type
adverse events coupled with self-harm or harm to others. The
agitation-type events include: akathisia, agitation, disinhibition, emotional
lability, hostility, aggression, depersonalization. In some cases, the events
occurred within several weeks of starting treatment." (see Paxil CR product monograph, on the Health Canada drug database website available here: http://webprod.hc-sc.gc.ca/dpd-bdpp/info.do?lang=eng&code=72855 )

In light of the above I am  opposed to this law.  The public deserves protection from ineffective, dangerous treatments, not from those who have been labeled mentally ill.  Numerous effective, safe alternatives exist which can be applied without coercion.  It is past time these are made widely available.


Adam P


Ria Ora

I have had the experience of having psychiatry's idea of help forced upon me.

my experiences lead to me conclude that forced treatment...

* ...contributes to the oppression and shame that a psychiatric survivor would already feel and build up their resistance.

* ...that a more crafty and cunning survivor will employ their whiles to pretend to comply rather than actually comply (which I would consider justified under the circumstances).

*...and finally, as with anything, positive reinforcement works better than negative reinforcement. Use persuasion and you'll get better results.

I have deliberately not talked about rights or liberty because I thought I would make the argument based on a perspective closer to your point of view rather than to mine. I don't think that I could win over wholesale any more than you could win me over to the point of view that anyone needs or benefits from psychiatry.

lastly I want to point out to you (not for the first time today, I hope) the 2005 study "Compulsory community and involuntary outpatient treatment for people with severe mental disorders". the findings of the study said that forced treatment does not work.

whereas, I believe, lovingkindness, decency and empathy (not in abundance, I know) can bridge a gap. if you have anger in you, I can see how forced psychiatry might actually push you into violence out of frustration with your powerlessness.

I hope you will consider my words. 


Amy Bookbinder, Counselor/Social Justice Educator



xdouglas jorgensen

 please stop the forced treatment  of people. i was diagnosed schizophrenic as a result of a drug i was put on for a neurological disorder. after my release from the hospital, i was kept on a strong & extremely expensive regiment of drugs by a dr. who told me "if you don't take these drugs for the rest of your life, you will relapse back into the schizophrenia worse than before." besides repeatedly telling me this, he would talk about me to my mother as if i were not even present, & ignore my questions. the drugs made me feel like a zombie, i could barely function, & they had horrific side effects. i eventually stopped taking the medication & seeing this dr., only to recover completely & discover that my mental illness was drug induced. had i listened to that dr. i would still be forced to take these medications which in no way helped, but rather hurt my health & well being. i urge you to stop the inhumane act of forcing individuals into treatment.


 Becky Perry

These "treatments" are not cures and are not safe or effective. This is prison without due process. 


Rosanne Parisi

 The "mental health" profession are running a scam to keep thier jobs at the expense of thier patients mental health besides bilking New York State out of millions of dollars. 


Eva Scholle

What do you think will be accomplished by Involuntary Outpatient Commitment?  Dont be fooled.  The goal of helping society, families, vulnerable people, and democracy is not served by Involuntary Outpatient Commitment.  Denying freedom to our citizens by using techniques that parallel the treatment given to terrorist detainees, now proven undesirable by the American public, is not the American way.  Do not think otherwise.  Forced treatment and denying specific groups their freedom is not acceptable!  Our laws protect our citizens no matter what their orientations are, so why are vulnerable people who have not broken our laws be treated with laws enacted for the benefit and profit of others? 

Unfortunately, priorities are being misplaced.  Every day everyday people seek help for their distress.  Since real help is not easily available for those who are seeking or needing it, individuals and their families face the debilitating consequences that lead to more extreme measures.  If real help was available, not help that makes one lose ones ability to function and live in society, not something that causes premature death and debilitating medical issues, nor take away ones personal freedoms, child custody rights and discriminates against you, people would choose to get the relief/help they need.  The fact is with real engagement and real help there are very few people who are not reachable.  

We know effective ways to help people in their distress.  We have established services that are successful in helping people live better lives who are productive members of society.  We are creating solutions that are touted by both the people who are looking for or needing help and wanting to help them.  Why not invest in the people who seek and need help in ways that are cost effective, helpful and protect the freedoms that this country prides itself in? 

Do not allow Kendras Law to prevail.  Vote no!

Eva Scholle
Founder and President of The Empowerment Center
Founder and President of Movement To Change, Inc. 


Mike Whitney


 Sheila A. Warren


Obi Laing

I am opposed to Kendra's Law and I endorse the call for No Permanence and No Extension of Kendra's Law: Involuntary Patient Torture.  I feel that this law is inhumane, unjust, and a violation of Human Rights.  I do not feel that is what this country is about. All people should be treated equally regardless of their mental status.   This is a no-brainer.


Elaine Levin

PLEASE, No forced outpatient treatment.  It is inhumane and does not help anyone. I am a survivor of forced inpatient treatment.


Monica J Elwell

I firmly believe that 'Kendra's Law' and other such Involuntary Outpatient Commitment Laws are not the answer for getting Mental Health Consumers the treatments we may at times need. Your decision to back such laws is actually hurtful to a larger majority of individuals living with Mental Health Diagnosis than it is helpful to those few who require interventions (and many forceful treatments fail). Forced treatments cause harm, traumatize individuals and create a fear of Mental Health Services, Law Enforcement, Public Services (Ambulance Personnel) and care givers. Alternatives are the answer, there are many very knowledgeable persons in the Consumer Recovery Movement that have found and created better options to care for individuals experiencing Mental Health issues. Please utilize these programs, WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plans) by Mary Ellen Copeland, Pathways to Recovery by Priscilla Ridgeway, Lori Davidson, et.al, Intentional Peer Support by Shery Mead, and the Boston University Recovery Workbook, are just a few of the Alternatives that help. Alternative treatments are necessary and a move towards Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care is a better way of taking care of individuals living with Mental Illnesses than forced treatments.
Thank you for your time, respectfully,
Network Representative, Advocacy Initiative Network of Maine


Louise Stapert

This is inhumane treatment.  Housing people like cattle does not address and treat the problem.  It may momentarily get those being complained about "out of the way", it does nothing to help the person.  There has to be humane treatment that protects their rights as citizens of this country.

This is inhumane treatment.  Housing people like cattle does not address and treat the problem.  It may momentarily get those being complained about "out of the way", it does nothing to help the person.  There has to be humane treatment that protects their rights as citizens of this country.


John Marshall

the freedom to choice is the only freedom


Paulette Shalhoub

I am outraged that forced psychiatric "treatments" are still the order of the day in some backward states like New York. There is (a) no objective proof of any mental illness; and (b) no proof that any of the drugs targeting them work any better than placebo; and (b) these drugs do terrible harm to the brain.  Before you order someone else to take them against their will, I suggest that you try them yourself.  


Dorothy Dundas

Stop involuntary outpatient torture!!!


Barbara Jean Harrington

Dear Mr Ortiz,
 Please consider what has been repeated over and over in these comments. Person centered plans, peer support groups, alternatives to these very dangerous and deadly psych meds. Ive been through this. With a wrap plan, people come together to help that person become empowered by bringing out that persons strengths, Offering a person hope and kindness and understanding and Acceptance !!!!     As a Peer in recovery and paid facilitator. Anyone that does this, paid or not can feel the power of acceptance, of {knowing} We also need money going into Consumer run Organizations. We are all spread thin and deserve what our counterparts get. Fair wages, benefits vacations etc. Again the system takes advantage. More importantly though is that we see people come to our group that get jobs housing etc Basic needs, but sooo much more. These programs have been proven to be cost effective. Please Mr Ortiz, if you could take our common themes to heart. Come to Oregon and see for yourself


Sonjinetta Cooper-Seaaright

kill Kendra's Law consider  all of the facts as to why it was passed and end the unjust knee jerk reaction vote to be part of the "real" solution.


Diane Johnson



 Roxeene Fernandez

no force treatment


Julia Valles

No force treatment


Ariel Rowland

People should have choices to recovery and stop the Abuse




Charles Martin Crocker, Jr.


Melissa Farrell

Medication must be a choice,  and not a mandate!


National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy

Among other reasons for opposing re-authorization, persons of color are over-represented among persons receiving coercive outpatient orders.


Rosaria  S  Marinaro

IOC is a blatant civil and human rigths violation.  I have been IOC twice.  It is  not an assist of any sort. It is a sham and an integrity of soul buster.  They really want people to sign volutary agreements.  This amounts to declaring that you agree with the treatment and is in my mind probation.  Please encourge people who have been
IOC'd/AOT'D after the first 6 mmonths to make the system take them to court before a judge.  This makes the shrink oto have to appear in court. It makes them work for their money.  People are afraid to go to court and they should be encouged to do so.  In Queens they take us to the real Supreme court and not the court associated with the Creedmoor Institution.  But the real point is to end this horrilbe law... and for the people who are caught under it please help them to understand the violation of their freedom to put only tthe drugs the person wants into their body and the right to do with their time what they want for those who are subjected to day treatment progams.  In stuggle I remain opposed to this form of psychic torture.


Myra Kovary

Forcing people into services will never address the real problems.  It might look like it is working in the short run, but at what cost to the humanity of the people on the receiving end?  And at what cost to the humanity of the people who are implementing the force?  Haven't we learned anything from history about the use of force and torture?  The people on the receiving end suffer the most, but in the end -- it diminishes our whole society.  Stand up for what is right and stop involuntary outpatient commitment now!      


Voices of the Heart


Mental Patients Liberation Alliance


Nationwide Call to Action: Stop Forced "Mental Health" Treatment


Center for Human Rights of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry


Ithaca Mental Patients Advocac Coalition






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